Personal essay

Climate change isn't just a challenge for science; for this writer it poses a challenge to soul and spirit, too.
by Cornelia F. Mutel

For farmers like Howard McDonough, memory packs every acre and outbuilding.
by Howard McDonough

Where's the prairie? Is it an untouched remnant? A farm landscape? A freshly mowed suburban yard? Our correspondent says "yes."
by Thomas Dean

In this memoir, the writer, formerly a bus driver for Iowa State University, chronicles a day in his life. It wasn't always a happy ride.

A conversation between Rootstalk editor Emma Thomasch and residents of the Mayflower retirement community.
by Emma Thomasch

When things change, do they always change for the better? See what you think after reading this memoir of a one-room Missouri schoolhouse.
by Helen Johnson

A young writer fresh out of college; a Nebraska horse farm; a wild-west show reunion. A memoir by Dan Weeks.
by Dan Weeks

When this Minnesota writer's family farm became a regional park, she kept her family memories.
by Michele Brennhofer