Birds of the Prairie

Poet Molly Beth Griffin and illustrator Claudia McGehee came together to celebrate the Sand Hill crane's migration.
by Molly Beth Griffin and Claudia McGehee

Featured in this issue: the Bald Eagle, the Cedar Waxwing, the Sand Hill Crane, and the Short-eared Owl.

Featured in this issue: the bobolink, the burrowing owl, the dickcissel, and Henslow's sparrow. Add them to your Life List.
by Jane Carlson

This issue features the great-horned owl, the indigo bunting, Cooper's hawk, and the western osprey. Pictures, descriptions, sound files.

In this inaugural feature, we focus on the bobolink, Henslow's sparrow, the dickcissel and the burrowing owl.

This retired teacher spends time in a much larger classroom these days, as his picture demonstrates.
by John Clayton