Digital Art

It's a deceptively simple question. Our associate editor created an infographic to provide the not-so-simple answer.
by Cecilia Bergman

With his interview of Des Moines Waterworks CEO, our audio producer debuts our new podcast feature.
by Noah Herbin

In this feature, a respected Drake University biologist traces the eons through which the prairie region's plantforms evolved.
by Thomas Rosburg
Music review

The Pines' music is as rooted in their prairie home as a field of coneflowers. Read our reviewer's thoughts, then give a listen.
by Kelly Hansen Maher

"Ekphrasis" denotes a poem about a strong visual. See if you think these poems, paired with the drawings which inspired them, fit the bill.
by Ben and Therese Brosseau

Everyone thinks "corn" when they think of the Midwest. Maybe they should be thinking: "mushrooms." Our interviewer talks to the experts.
by Sonia Chulaki

Women are coming into farming in increasing numbers. As they do, they're changing the way we think about agriculture.
by Sophie Neems
Local History

Though a closeted gay man during a less tolerant time, in the 1920s, Ralph Lorenzo Warner helped preserve a more gracious Midwest era.
by Will Fellows

Spending her life as a farmer hasn't kept Chris Gaunt from fighting for social justice, as our interviewer found.
by Tapiwa Zvidzwa

The prairie is a long way from the front lines in the fight with ISIS. Our interviewee brings the refugee experience home.
by Miriam Tibbetts

What do rural Iowa and small-town Norway have in common? Plenty, as it turns out. An Iowa Fulbright Scholar explains.
by John Lawrence Hanson

Seed Savers is more than a gardeners' resource; it's an effort to preserve genetic diversity, and--for one family--a grandmother's peppers.
by Toby Cain

Is farmwork also social activism? It was for our correspondent, during an internship at Mustard Seed Community Farm.
by Tristan Aschittino
Short story

In the face of so much gun violence, how can a lover of guns respond? Read this short-story for an answer.
by Sandy Moffett

For her installation, "Cure," this Iowa-based artist combined deer bones and gold leaf to compelling effect.

This artist looked in an unlikely place for inspiration: the specimens collection of a college biology department.

An Alaska-based artist turned her eye on the prairie during an artist's residency. The result: two paintings, featured in this issue.

In this issue, our regular contributor turned to one of his smaller subjects: Asters.

Our regular contributor focused his camera on a white tail buck, a squirrel, and--as ever--on four Birds of the Prairie.

This issue features the great-horned owl, the indigo bunting, Cooper's hawk, and the western osprey. Pictures, descriptions, sound files.

What does "community" mean in the prairie region?
by Mark Baechtel

Jon Andelson talks about Rootstalk's new website and social media presence.