Tag: Memoir


A Place to Call Home

by Bridget Brandt

A “rubber band community” is one that, no matter how far away you go, you always want to come back. This retired teacher explains. Read more →


Pony Rides, Vice-Presidents and Weddings in the Rain

by Shirley Moyer

A farm is many things: a business, a home, a way of life. For this farmer, it was a thing to share with the whole town. Read more →


The Hottest Car in Town

by Allan Moyer

There was a time for this retired farmer when Saturday night in his small prairie town was a hot car and someone to race. Read more →


A Child’s First Taste of Freedom

by Sam Cox

A costume, a pillow case, a couple of friends, and a whole town to roam in: that was Halloween for this coffee shop owner. Read more →


My Integrated Life, Part III

by Dartanyan Brown