Publisher's note

An appreciation for Richard Fyffe, Librarian of Grinnell College, who died untimely from ALS in November 2015
by Jon Andelson
Editor's note

For our Associate Editor, the prairie came home hardest through a sky full of stars.
by Emily Mamrak
Editor's note

This Washington State native discusses the way the prairie got past her skepticism and carved itself into her heart and mind.
by Madeline Warnick
Editor's note

Our other editor for this issue, a native of New York state, also unlearned many of her prejudices before she came to treasure the prairie.
by Emma Thomasch

Where can you find the essential Iowa? Not in a single place, as this writer found, on the road with his father and a van full of friends.
by Colin Lewis-Beck

In this essay, a Georgia-based writer shares her introduction to the prairie's wild beauty.
by Mariah Manoylov