Prairie flora

In his compositions, Iowa State University photography professor Steven Herrnstadt mines place for haunted and haunting resonances.

The artist's recent images were influenced by the gradual transformation of the prairie by settlements and agriculture.
by Tony Crowley

This photographer, used to taking pictures of the crowded streetscapes of home, tries his hand at the prairie.
Digital Art

It's a deceptively simple question. Our associate editor created an infographic to provide the not-so-simple answer.
by Cecilia Bergman

In this feature, a respected Drake University biologist traces the eons through which the prairie region's plantforms evolved.
by Thomas Rosburg

"Ekphrasis" denotes a poem about a strong visual. See if you think these poems, paired with the drawings which inspired them, fit the bill.
by Ben and Therese Brosseau

Everyone thinks "corn" when they think of the Midwest. Maybe they should be thinking: "mushrooms." Our interviewer talks to the experts.
by Sonia Chulaki

In this issue, our regular contributor turned to one of his smaller subjects: Asters.

A drawing of dried prairie flowers by the artist whose work we featured in Volume II, Issue 1

This photographer's images of the living prairie move easily from the micro to the macro.

To catch the expressive way prairie flowers reach for the sky, Madeline Howland prefers the simplest tools: graphite and a sketchbook.