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from Volume I Issue 1 · Spring 2015

When we began the task of bringing out this premiere issue of Rootstalk, we knew we were taking on a huge challenge. We knew that designing a multimedia online journal from the ground up—one that could do all that our vision statement and mission statement said we wanted it to do—would require the creative input and work of a large community of students, faculty and alumni. During the two semesters we have been engaged in this project, all those involved had to fulfill multiple roles in performing a seemingly endless list of interdependent editorial, design, production and research tasks.

In order to conquer this long roll of jobs, we divided our classes into task-specific teams which studied best practices, created and administered potential audience survey instruments, conducted focus groups with potential readers and contributors, tabulated data, explored the arcane world of online design, whipped up layouts and logos, recruited allies and delved into the ways in which we could support a twice-yearly publication into the future.

Fall 2014

  • Tim Conwell
  • Sarah Farbman
  • Tawny Gilley
  • Linnea Hurst
  • Thomas Foley
  • Harry Maher
  • Lingyao Meng
  • Kirsten Nelson
  • Carl Sessions
  • Emma Tilden
  • Emma Tomasch
  • Isaac Walker
  • Zoe Wolter

Spring 2015

  • Gus Fulgoni
  • Tawny Gilley
  • Aaron Juarez
  • Nathan Kim
  • Ajuna Kyaruzi
  • Courtney Martin
  • Linda Omaña
  • Chloe Williams

Alumni Consultants

  • Sarah Anderson
  • Jeff Dickey-Chasins
  • Mike Ellis
  • Priscilla McGeehon
  • Jeremy “Sequoia” Nagamatsu
  • Alice Rogoff
  • Dan Weeks

Special Thanks

  • Julia Bauder
  • Jim Powers
  • Howard McDonough
  • The Wilson Program In Enterprise & Leadership

Faculty Editors

  • Jon Andelson
  • Mark Baechtel

Supported by Grinnell College’s Center for Prairie Studies

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