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Worthless Rocks

by John C. Whittaker

On any given outing on the prairie, you might just turn over an artifact from the country’s indigenous past. Or maybe not… Read more →


On the Changing Nature of the Obituary

by Mary Kay Shanley

Want to know how prairie culture has changed? Consult the obituaries in your local paper. Read more →


Extraction, Roots, Energy, and The Plains

by Sebastian Braun

This scholar of Native American culture meditates on the meaning of roots, and the challenge to them represented by energy extraction. Read more →


My Integrated Life

by Dartanyan Brown

Musician, journalist, educator with a 40-year career in the arts–our contributor has folded together multiple extraordinary lives. Read more →


Little Prairie On The Freeway

by Cindy Crosby

Blake said we can see the universe in a grain of sand; can we see the prairie expanses of the past in a remnant on an Illinois highway? Read more →


Community, Commons, and Ecological Restoration at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

by Joshua Lockyer

How do we reverse the degradation of our prairie home by industrial ag? The residents of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage think they know. Read more →


Cheyenne Bottoms

by Alicia DeHaan

During the yearly migration, an astonishing forty-five percent of all North American shorebirds pass through this Kansas marsh. Read more →


My Integrated Life, Part III

by Dartanyan Brown


Water management on the Missouri River

by Nina Kouchi